Both the Horse and Rider in mind

Hypona products have been developed for us, by us. For our own horses and those of our customers, only the finest is good enough.

Heinz Glaser, Hypona's founder and president is a rider, farrier and professional engineer. Used by horses in every equestrian discipline and every level, from the trail, to international competitions and the Olympics, at Hypona we are proud to say that we make the best products for…


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We have been using Hypona hoof oil for years. Our farrier suggested it. We live in a moist climate and at the shows, the horses get their feet wet everyday. He said it would help prevent the moisture from getting into the nail holes of the shoes. Not only does it look nice going to the ring or out for a ride, but it is also helps protect the hoof.

Rich Fellers
Olympic Show Jumper
Rich Fellers Stables